At Brillestedet we’ve made it our primary task to track down unique frames from around the world. This gives us the possibility to present some frames, which is out of the ordinary. Since we only buy small collections, we usually only have a single copy of each frame, so our stock can vary widely.

The price of a spectacle is a composite price of the frame + glass, and can therefore vary because of different wishes and needs. You can combine different frames and glass from various price ranges, which affects the price. We assist with the necessary guidance, whether it comes to vision needs or clean style and design.



Prices are around 6.500 kr.
Frames in the Spitzenklasse category, as its name indicates, is grounded in eminent quality, luxurious materials and a refined design. In short; a perfect frame. The typical materials will be pure natural materials that aren’t normally seen used in a spectacle frame, which lifts the lens frame to the next level. Frames that are under the Spitzenklasse category can be in leather, stone, wood or slate.


Prices are around 3.800 kr.
Most of our frames are in this category, where the quality and the material is paramount. We think that all of our frames must be something special, and we want to offer frames, that are not just up to grab. Therefore Class Frames the standard with us, because less can not do it .


Prices are around 1.000 kr.
A spectacle frame in the economy class is normally used as a secondary spectacle. This would be eg. screen/reading glasses or sunglasses where you maybe need to be able to switch. However, spectacle frames in economy class can also be used as a primary spectacle, and we have found some great frames for this category.



Prices are around 9.000 kr.
These glasses are the absolute top products from the 3-4 world ‘s leading eyeglass manufacturers. The glass is customized with our specialized measurement equipment, that takes account to frames, vision volume and visual acuity of your eyes position in relation to the selected frame. The visual experience is total, a high defination with optimization of night vision and contrasts.


Prices are around 5.800 kr.
Quality Glass based on the last 25 years of experience in the development of lenses where fields of vision is width. The lenses are grounded and adjusted to standardized goals. They are of the kind that ‘just always works’ and is suitable for all kinds of use.


Prices are around 2.500 kr.
Glass in the economy class takes more getting used to, as they have a smaller field of clearvision . These glasses are normally used when purchasing a secondary eyeglass or sunglass where the need is a specific situation.